Guaranteed* Jobs with the SpinDuct

CleanCraft is so sure the SpinDuct will benefit your business that we guarantee* you will immediately get money making jobs!

How can we guarantee this? Simple. CleanCraft has decades of experience with air duct cleaning and marketing its services. In fact, we own cleaning companies that do it! Starting in 2016, we have started a new Network to schedule and pass air duct cleaning jobs to owners of the SpinDuct system. Owners of the SpinDuct can get free membership into this scheduling & referral network. Our network spends money marketing to get your company work. These are not leads that we pass your company, these are actual scheduled jobs that we pass your company. The end customer pays your company directly for the completed job! This is the coolest thing ever for new SpinDuct purchasers! Give us a call to discuss this great opportunity!

*Guarantee: If you purchase the SpinDuct and join the above mentioned network, and we don’t pass you a job within 50 days of network signup, we will give you $50.00. This is our guarantee to you that the SpinDuct is the right system for your company and will start making you extra money right away! ($50.00 guarantee valid for new SpinDuct System purchases from CWS-Direct made after 1/25/2016).