Customer Reward Points

Earn Cash Back !!

Earn “Reward Points” on every purchase from CleanCraft or CWS-Direct. The more points you earn, the more money you get back.

Get 1 Reward Point for every $1.00 you spend*.

Whether your purchases are through CleanCraft or CWS-Direct, it doesn’t matter. You receive Reward Points that can be cashed in for $$ credits towards purchases at either CleanCraft or CWS-Direct.


Read details of the Customer Rewards Program (Rules, How to Redeem, Etc): Customer Rewards Rules & Details

Also, check out our Customer Referral Program for a chance to earn more points: Customer Referral

Customer Reward Points Lookup

To lookup your current Reward Points Balance, enter your email address and press the Submit button below:

Email Address:

Note: It may take up to 1 week for reward points to register online. So, if you just placed an order, your reward points may not be registered yet.